Ganttic's Weekly Business Horoscope

It's mazing what you can do when you know the future. Or at least part of it. Make sure you'll be up-to-date this week as well.


Acting on impulse could be stressful as far as business relationships go. Try to avoid purely selfish interests if you can, as they may not win you any fans at home or at work. However, sharing honest thoughts with a spouse or close friend would be a good use of your energy. As Mercury rewinds as of February 6, it might not be the best time to promote work or business projects or buy big-ticket items. However, if you have no option, try to keep receipts, paperwork, and files, as you may need them.


An ease in expressing your thoughts and emotions could make this a good time to organize a get-together or fun celebration. This can also be a positive work week so long as you don't try to run the show yourself. Being part of a team can make a difference to your overall progress. Even though someone in authority may be hard to deal with, your patient determination could win them over. Later, take care of a domestic or business matter responsibly, as cutting corners could cause problems.


Mercury rewinds from February 6 until February 28 in your career sector, so this might not be the best time to organize job interviews or crucial meetings with your boss because things might not go as planned. If you need to commit to a plan or project, try to keep track of important documents and paperwork, as you may need them further down the line. Changes at this time could be inevitable. Later, there will be fun, too!


The potential for surprising news on the job or career front could trigger thoughts about what the future holds. This week's blend of energies could have you on the edge of your seat, yet there is also a possibility of making a few changes of your own that could surprise your boss or employer. However, as Mercury enters its retrograde phase, as of February 6, think carefully before you make any moves. Your time may be better spent researching your options for now.


A fun link may inspire you to explore a new place or perhaps expand your horizons. If a friend wants to join you, you might enjoy going on an adventure together. Later, you may need to retreat for a while, especially if you've been hard at work. Don't feel guilty about taking some time out, as it will give you a chance to relax and recharge. Venus turns retrograde in your lifestyle zone, which may help ease any wellness issues along with matters at work.


This week could get off to a positive start, especially if your social antenna is tuned to suggestions. And you never know - an invitation could lift your spirits. Mercury, your personal planet, marches backward starting this week, so beware of misunderstandings with your partner, love interest, or your latest squeeze. An edgy influence might encourage you to push ahead with a budding romance sooner than is wise. In this instance, it might help to be sensitive to someone's needs and feelings.


Could a relationship reach a critical peak this week? The Moon in Aries early on highlights an edgy connection that might push you to do or say something on the spur of the moment. Perhaps you've desired change for some time and dream of more stability and greater harmony. In this instance, you might have to take a step in the opposite direction and push for what you want. You may soon get to like your assertive side.


You might need to go with the flow as far as a romantic opportunity is concerned, especially if you've recently been daydreaming about a love interest. It's possible your patience could be tested over the coming weeks, as Mercury is retrograde from February 6 to February 28. But this could be an opportunity to pull back and relax a little, move in new circles, and get a feel for whether or not this is right for you. There's no need to rush!


The opposites seem to be at play, bringing pleasure and opportunities for spontaneous fun, as well as a chance to make like a hermit and hide when things get to be too much. If you feel stretched in romance, you might need to retreat to work out your next move. Once you've had a chance to recharge, you will be back out there and ready for some more love adventures. Guard against sent or received mixed signals to save embarrassment.


Try not to make a conflict worse than it already is by insisting on having your way. If you can be willing to compromise and consider a different approach, things could turn out well for everyone involved. Venus turns direct this week, which might help improve a relationship situation. Perhaps it will inspire a fresh perspective that has a harmonious impact. Mercury moves into Pisces, which might enhance your intuition and imagination in a positive way.


You could be a purveyor of inspired ideas that benefit you and others. A lively energy might encourage your curiosity to delve into all kinds of subjects in order to find answers, meaningful connections, and creative opportunities. If an aspect of your life seems to need some extra stimulus, you might locate it when you mingle with folks who are on your same cutting-edge wavelength. Take care with finances, however, as Mercury turns retrograde this week.


This might be a good week to get involved in artistic or cultural programs, take in a movie, or dive headlong into a good book. Current influences might also encourage a shopping spree in which you're attracted to items that spontaneously catch your attention. In this instance, a little budgeting could keep you from overspending. Give yourself a limit and you might find that you have a more enjoyable time seeking those smart bargains.

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