Ganttic's Weekly Business Horoscope

Who needs astrology?  The wise man gets by on fortune cookies. Edward Abbey


It's time to tap into your intuition and pay attention to feelings that can enliven your ambitions and projects. A fresh perspective on an important goal could be the catalyst that encourages you to make a move. This is also a good time to enjoy the people in your life and perhaps make entertainment, party, or other fun plans. A romantic notion could take hold, but with Mars currently retrograde it's best to tread water rather than start a conversation you might regret later.


A meeting that has the potential for romance could be on your mind over the days ahead. However, this could be a case of fact versus fantasy, as you may be reading more into a situation than is really there. The Sun in intuitive Pisces links into your sixth sense, so pay attention to your gut reaction and take it from there. Important goals and career potentials are highlighted this week. Success may come down to thinking outside the box and trying out new ideas for size.


The loving feelings you have for your partner or sweetheart may boost your desire to shop this week, especially if you're intending to buy them something special. As Jupiter forges ahead, money matters may start to show a positive angle that you'll appreciate, especially if you've experienced a recent downturn. This is just as well, as a focus on your travel and adventure sector might entice you to plan ahead for a vacation or romantic break. If your love life needs a boost, this might just do it!


Have things taken a backward turn recently? It might be time to celebrate as Jupiter moves ahead once again after its retrograde phase. You can consider these two phases as similar to pulling back the bowstring before shooting an arrow. Now you have all the power, insight, and information you need to take aim and hit the center of the target. Whatever your current goal or focus, you could be quite impressive. You might also want to research any resources available for your next step.


Take care of matters close to your heart, as a focus on relationships spotlights insightful opportunities to improve your love life. Passions may be muted and your fiery charisma could give way to a sensitive appreciation of the folks around you. Your appreciation of other people's quirks and unique traits could be pleasantly enhanced once Venus enters Aquarius. You might be drawn to dating someone because their outlook is unusual and refreshing. Still, try to avoid mixed signals as Mars continues to rewind.


Any unpremeditated moves concerning joint finances should be avoided, if possible. Ongoing planetary patterns suggest you may be tempted to go over your limit if you need money in a hurry. As Mars continues its retrograde phase in your personal financial sector, it's time to get organized, catch up on bills, and begin to pay off any debts. Relationships look positive and upbeat, although you might need to make a sacrifice regarding a romantic opportunity. It could be worth it for a more successful outcome.


Career matters may now show greater promise as Jupiter turns direct. If you've felt frustrated recently, see this as having done the groundwork. Your past efforts may now begin to show fresh roots and shoots. Along with this, romantic opportunities now get a boost as Venus glides into Aquarius. An impulse to get to know someone better could surprise you. Perhaps you'll spot a side to the person that piques your curiosity. Renewed efforts to adopt a healthier way of life could benefit you, too.


Someone's ability to bypass emotion may not sit well with your love of intensity and passion. Yet an edgy link suggests that you could develop a rapport that strengthens over time if you can compromise. Romantic opportunities filled with dreams and fantasies could be yours this week. If you feel your heart melting, it might be hard to resist that moment of surrender. However, check that this person doesn't have a hidden agenda. If all is clear, you may be in luck!


As Mercury hikes onward, delayed plans can now get moving. You could go through a minor crisis in your social life when Mars turns retrograde this week. Perhaps you'll want to move in new circles and develop fresh connections with folks who inspire and motivate you. There is also a promise of change on the home front as a New Moon in Pisces could be helpful for coming to grips with any domestic plans and projects, or even a touch of spring cleaning.


Life on the home front could be prone to disruptions, which might mean you feel generally unsettled. Yet despite this, you could be excited by the prospects open to you, which seem to beckon when you're willing to move out of your comfort zone. However, there's no rush. The plans you have in mind may be best handled by taking a longer view. If you're consistent, you'll get there in the end. You might want to treat yourself to one or two of life's little luxuries as Venus sashays into Aquarius.


Your antenna seems primed to seek out unusual experiences. You may be looking for opportunities that offer something a little bit different. Plus, social plans may have you in good spirits as the move of Venus into your sign paves the way for fun events and new friendships. Joint finances look more positive as Jupiter pushes ahead. If you're looking for a loan, credit, or even advice, you may find your bank or financial adviser much more open to positive discussion.


Your originality and charisma may encourage favors from a romantic interest. However, if romance isn't on your mind, you've got what it takes to launch an innovative and creative project. Group activities can open up exciting new avenues of opportunity as career and social interests combine productively. At this time of potential change, a friend can be counted on to provide tangible support. Later, resist the temptation to rush or you could end up having to redo a project or chore.

*illustrations thanks to charmsoflight
**horoscope inspiration thanks to my.horoscope