Ganttic's Weekly Business Horoscope

Ah yes... Yet another week has begun and what better time to present this week's business horoscope than right now.


Besides your business life, your social life continues to be a source of a lot of fun, as one meeting might just have a special sparkle. However, you might be noticing tensions in the balance between home and career that could set you thinking. If you have been thinking about setting up a business at home or making the next move on the career ladder, get yourself up to date with all the details - the more prepared you are, the easier it may be to get ahead.


Venus forges ahead this week after its retrograde phase. You may find that areas of your life that have been prone to delays or backtracking, such as finances or relationships, slowly begin to sort themselves out. Someone could oppose a plan or idea of yours this week, which could be a bit of a blow. However, it's worth trying to compromise if possible. Mercury enters your social zone on Friday, bringing a chance for more fun, invitations, and good times ahead.


Professional creativity, inspiration, and curiosity might work together to bring some fascinating experiences your way in the days ahead. There's a focus on expanding your work horizons and generally moving outside your comfort zone that you might relish. This could involve traveling, taking a class to better yourself in something, maybe even publishing a book, or perhaps teaching subjects about something you know a lot about. When you take a step into the unknown, you may find you can do more than you had originally thought. It can give you the confidence to go even further and remove obstacles from your path.


A relationship issue could come to a head this week. However, there's a chance you may be able to come to a compromise that works for both of you. Whether this is a business or romantic issue, a careful approach could be helpful for both parties. Venus turns direct in your relationship zone, which may help ease any tension you've felt recently. Hopefully, things can get back on track. Meanwhile, subjects linked to mysticism and mystery may appeal and encourage you to explore further.


A fun link may inspire you to explore a new place or perhaps expand your horizons. If a friend wants to join you, you might enjoy going on an adventure together. Later, you may need to retreat for a while, especially if you've been hard at work. Don't feel guilty about taking some time out, as it will give you a chance to relax and recharge. Venus turns retrograde in your lifestyle zone, which may help ease any wellness issues along with matters at work.


You might experience some conflict as a powerful link comes to a head this week. If you spot this coming, try to deal with it sooner rather than later to avoid unnecessary problems. However, someone may need to back down, and it could be you! As Mercury moves into Pisces, you may find it easier to tune into others and their needs, which could give you an advantage in business or romance. Creative and romantic issues may begin to resolve as Venus turns direct.


A fun transit could bring someone new and interesting into your life midweek. Whether this turns into a friendship or something a little more, you'll enjoy this chance to have a delightful experience. Venus turns direct in your home zone, which might help matters with family members to work out harmoniously, especially if you've experienced problems lately. Finally, Mercury moves into your wellness zone, which might make you curious to research avenues to better health. A book could be especially inspiring!


You might feel like kicking back and enjoying a break, but it seems you'll be kept busy. If you're hoping to push ahead with a plan or idea, you could face red tape or objections from other people that might cause delays. There may be no way round this aside from doing your homework and taking things step by step. You could get some intuitive help with a budding romance as Mercury moves into Pisces. Venus moves ahead from this week, which may help ease a communication difficulty.


Midweek you may feel alert, lively, and eager to connect with new people, move ahead with a creative project, or even take the first step with a new romance. You might need to tread with care with your finances, as a powerful transit could cause you to rethink your strategy. This isn't a good time to make a major purchase - reorganize your budget instead. Venus turns direct in your personal financial zone, which could help ease any delays you've been experiencing.


Try not to make a conflict worse than it already is by insisting on having your way. If you can be willing to compromise and consider a different approach, things could turn out well for everyone involved. Venus turns direct this week, which might help improve a relationship situation. Perhaps it will inspire a fresh perspective that has a harmonious impact. Mercury moves into Pisces, which might enhance your intuition and imagination in a positive way.


A sparkly transit midweek could coincide with an invitation or outing that you'll really enjoy. Connecting with folks on your wavelength could give you a much-needed boost. Later, if you need to take things easy, opt for a lighter schedule - it could help ease any tension. You'll also get a chance to reflect on any unresolved issues. Mercury moves into Pisces and your personal financial zone, so an intuitive hunch could reveal a way to earn some extra cash.


An issue with a friend or group could cause some angst, so try to resolve this before it comes to a head. If you feel coerced into following others' plans, it might be time to stand up for what you want. Venus forges ahead in Capricorn, which could make a positive difference to a friendship, especially if there have been recent issues with this person. You may find your voice and feel like sharing thoughts, plans, and ideas as Mercury moves into your sign.

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