The long awaited utilization feature is now live!

Our main goal in Ganttic's development has been the simplicity of application. New features we implement should not clutter the graphical interface. That is why most of ourzusers do not even know that last Tuesday we quietly launched a one of the most asked feature - worktime and resource utilization calculations.

To see whats new, please go to SETTINGS area. Under the UTILIZATION check 'Enable utilization features'. Then click on the TIME SETTINGS to determine your organizations workdays and hours.

Now go back to RESOURCES view (Gantt chart area where you do your planning).
At the left of every resource name you will see a percentage how much of the resources available time is utilized with tasks. When clicking on the little grey icon on the right of resource groups name you can switch on the utilization diagram (just click on the 'Show utilization at the bottom of pop-up menu). When the diagram is switched on, you can change the diagram type by visiting the same menu again and choose between bar, line and color type.

This legend will help you to understand meaning of colors in diagram.

When working with tasks, please note two additional options - busy time in hours and resource utilization percentage. So, if your task duration is 3 days, but you know, that you will work each day only 2 hours on this task, you can set the busy time on 6 hours.
You might be busy with 3 tasks simultaneously, but still have some free time. So you can set the percentage of resource utilization on 20% on each task and your boss will know that you still have 40% of your time free.
You might also have several simultaneous tasks with total worktime more than available. In this case utilization diagram will turn red/black (depending on diagram type of your choice).

If you feel that your organization would benefit from this new planning feature, log into your account and try it out.