New Pricing

Categories: Ganttic Updates
 When we created our pricing system we thought that we'll offer to our customers a perfect scheme where they can by software by parts they need. Recently we did a customer survey to find out how our users are feeling about it. And we found out that lots of them found it to be confusing. So we got it wrong and had to make some changes. Here's what we came up with.  Instead of charging customers 0.69 € per user and 0.69 € per resource per month we are charging just 0.99 € per resource per month.

Our old scheme: 
* If you are over 5 users you'll pay 0.69 € per user and resource per month
* If you are over 10 resources you'll pay 0.69 € per user and resource per month

So, how much have to I pay when my plan is 6 users and 7 resources?

Our new scheme it is easier - if your plan has max 10 resources it is free. If you have 11 resources or more you'll pay 0.99 € per resource per month. Fair enough?