Features > Projects > Milestones

You can set milestones for your projects by adding a new custom field with a date value. Milestone feature is currently available with projects only.

To set a milestone for a project:

  • Select 'Group resources by Projects' from the view panel
  • Or open a separate project view by clicking on '+' and selecting one from the list
  • Click on the project title
  • Select 'Add new field'
  • Name your milestone (f.e 'End date'/'Start date')
  • Select 'Date (milestone)' from drop down list
  • Tick 'Show as milestone'
  • Select a color
  • Click 'Save' upon completion
  • Now you'll see the added milestone field in your project pop-up window
  • Click on the field and select a date for your milestone
  • Click 'Save' upon completion
  • You will see the milestone symbol(s) above your Gantt chart