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By creating custom data fields you can easily group your resources by custom values such as location, department, skillset and more. There's also existing field types: text, number, date, user, link. We will use 'List of values' as it's the only one to create custom resource groups. It helps you to categorize your resources and add specific data to them. To have a quick overview, you can later filter resources by these criteria and even save it to a view.

To create a custom data field for resources:

  1. Click on the title of a resource and the dialog opens
  2. Click '+' icon in 'Custom data fields' section

  1. Give the data label a title
  2. Select a field type from the list (Let's use 'List of values' as it's the only one for creating custom resource groups)

  1. Hit 'Enter' on your keyboard for another 'NEW VALUE' box to appear
  2. Click 'Save' upon completion

  1. Back in the first pop-up dialog, select a value from dropdown menu
  2. Click 'Save' upon completion

To view your resources by data fields/custom groups:

  1. Along the view panel, click the icon on top left
  2. Select a value/group from the menu

  • Your resources are now grouped accordingly